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wooden windows

The timeless charm of expertly crafted wooden windows, where elegance combines with durability to bring out the character of your space.

Preventive maintenance, warranty
Over 400 projects completed
Competetive price
Possibility to create unique design

23 years of experience in Lithuanian and Scandinavian market

Fast production deadlines


We are one of the oldest manufacturers of wooden windows in Lithuania

Our wooden windows reflect the freedom of choice that we strive to give our customers every step of the way in creating the functional home of their dreams. Depending on your needs, European-style windows can open inwards, Scandinavian-style windows can open outwards, come in standard sizes or be made exclusively to your specifications. For us, the production of individual wooden windows is a highly responsible and precise process, which is why we use only the highest quality wood for its sustainability, durability and longevity. When you order from us, you can be sure that every detail is made for you! Years of experience, professional solutions, reasonable prices.

Painting of wooden windows and doors

We can paint in any RAL or NCS palette colour of your choice!

Best materials

We use only the best quality wood for our products!

A wide range of choices

For windows and doors, we can offer a very wide range of frames. And if you are very demanding, we can design a type to suit your needs!

Our manufacturing process for wooden windows

  • we choose high-quality glulam

  • precise manufacture of window components

  • glazing and weather protection

  • ensuring energy efficiency and weatherproofing

  • coating

  • installation of quality window hardware

  • rigorous checks on workmanship and functionality

  • safe delivery of our wooden windows


Window model SCANDILINE 68

Modern 68 mm outward opening window. Great option for B and lower class homes.

Sash thickness: 68 mm wooden
Glazing: 32 mm 2 or 3 glass panel glazing
Thermal resistance: 1,1 W/m²·K
Acoustic properties: Up to 40 db
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Window model SCANDILINE 82

A modern and warm 82 mm Scandinavian window that opens outwards.

Sash thickness: 82 mm wooden
Glazing: 48 mm
Thermal resistance: 0,85 W/m²·K
Acoustic properties: 35 dB
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Window model EUROLINE 68

Europe's favourite profile for wooden windows.

Sash thickness: 68 mm wooden
Glazing: 32 mm 2 or 3 glass panel glazing
Thermal resistance: 1.1 W/m²· K
Acoustic properties: 35 db
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Window model EUROLINE Max

EUROLINE Max. Inward-opening windows are additionally cladded with "warm" aluminium to improve thermal resistance.

Sash thickness: 68 mm wooden
Glazing: 48 mm 3 glass panel glazing
Thermal resistance: 0,80 W/m²·K
Acoustic properties: 35 dB
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Why choose our wooden windows?

Long-term quality and sustainability

Our windows have a timeless charm and elegance, fitting both traditional and modern architectural styles. Their natural aesthetics enhance the visual appeal of any space, and our timber windows have good thermal resistance, helping to regulate room temperature and reduce energy costs. This reduces heating and cooling costs, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Let us help you choose!

Most of our windows are designed exclusively for your home. Starting with specific dimensions and ending with the smallest details. Our vision is to give every customer the opportunity to build their dream home, which combines modern style with a healthy and harmonious living environment.

We will provide you with an individual proposal for the design of the wooden windows or doors!


The windows are made of the highest quality glue laminated pine wood. In order to preserve all the quality properties of wood, we use advanced technologies and have optimal storage facilities. It results in significantly better thermal conductivity properties of the window and at the same time allows to obtain various variants of the sash.

With the rapid development of technology and the manufacturing sector, manufacturers of plastic and timber windows use the same glazing units, which influence the thermal resistance. By using high-quality and sufficiently thick laminated timber lumber, our timber window frames fall into the energy-efficient window range. Our Scandinavian SCANDILINE 82 timber window can achieve a thermal performance of up to 0.80 W/(m²-K).

Poor indoor climate is the biggest enemy of wooden windows and doors. Wooden windows and doors should be used in rooms with minimal humidity, as condensation that accumulates on them and persists for a long time can lead to the growth of mould and distortion of the glazing bars and the sashes or frames. All this can be avoided because all you need to do is to ensure that the rooms are properly ventilated.

Extra moisture in the air condenses when warm, moist air meets cooler surfaces. This is because warm air surrounding a cool surface can hold moisture, while cool air nearby cannot. Cloudy windows can be a warning that moisture may be starting to damage your home. Condensation often forms in old, inadequately insulated buildings, especially those heated by rudimentary solid fuel boilers. In such houses, temperatures drop by 5°C or more at night, which can lead to condensation on cooler surfaces (such as the corners of walls and windows). This also creates a risk of mould.

Constant condensation can cause warping of glazed units, paint peel and varnish from wooden windows and doors. Prolonged humidity can cause the window to warp and the door to swell and change its shape, resulting in excessive play or failure to close. Mould can also build up in the wood, which will accelerate the decay process.

It all depends on the quantity ordered, but we can offer relatively short production times for wooden windows and doors.

This is where wooden windows gain an advantage. In the case of fire, the PVC windows would already be deformed by the heat with the glass pane falling out, while the wooden windows would only be slightly burnt. It is not for nothing that Europe bans the use of PVC windows in schools and hospitals.

Our wooden windows comes with a 5-year warranty!

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