Wooden houses

Our wooden houses are a testament to the power of imagination and craftsmanship. Using advanced engineering techniques, we create open and flexible living spaces that adapt to your needs. All our wooden houses are carefully designed, using only the highest quality materials, durable structures with long life and excellent aesthetic appeal. Each project optimises natural light, air flow and energy efficiency. Reasonably priced, comfortable and environmentally friendly living is guaranteed.

Over 1000 implemented projects in Lithuania and Scandinavia
Preventive maintenance, warranty
Competetive price
Possibility to create unique design
23 years of experience in Lithuanian and Scandinavian market

Why build a timber log or timber frame house?

  • Unlimited freedom of imagination

    We love creative customers and try to fulfil their every wish

  • Eco-friendly materials

    Ecology is important to us, so our materials guarantee a healthy and sustainable life

  • A long-lasting solution

    Wooden (log or timber-framed) houses will last you more than 100 years

House Building Process


Your ideas and drawings

Simply draw your dream house on paper and send it to us - we can start our communication with just the initial idea of your house


Cost estimation

The cost of a house is one of the most important issues before starting to build a house, which is why the cost estimate should be the first step in the construction process after you have a vision for the house and preliminary drawings.


Final design and confirmation

This construction phase is one of the most important in the construction of a wooden house, during which you will have to approve all technical and visual solutions.


Preparation of materials and production

After the contract is signed, we will prepare detailed production drawings and start preparing your house for production.


Transportation and construction

The first trailer with the main construction arrives at the site on the agreed assembly start date and the assembly works begin.

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