machine-profiled log houses

main key for building a quality log house starts with selecting the highest quality timber – we use mature forest and carefully select each log 

healthy living
precise details
modern design

why choose a
machined-profiled log house?

choose a timber log house for its timeless aesthetics, natural insulation, sustainability and cosy, inviting atmosphere.

precisely calibrated

while handcrafted log processing aims to preserve the uniqueness of each log, machine processing aims to cut logs as smoothly and uniformly as possible. The result is a very different effect: machine-profiled log houses look very tidy, more ‘civilised’ and more suited to modern interiors.

wide range of
insulation solutions

the thickness of the machined logs is up to 200 mm, which is why it is recommended to add extra insulation when building residential houses. We offer different technical solutions for wall structures. Depending on the purpose of the log house, you can choose the insulation option that best suits your needs. 

unlimited space
for imagination

machine profiled log homes open up all the possibilities to choose how the exterior and interior of the house should look, as the logs can be covered inside or outside. In other words, you can have your dream home at a reasonable price, without giving up the benefits of a log house, and enjoy the highest quality of environmentally friendly and comfortable living.

our machine-profiled log house lines

U = 1,63 W / m²K
90 mm log

Without additional insulation
machine-profiled logs are the perfect choice for a log garden house, summer house, hunting lodge, gazebo and other non-permanent buildings. Compared to scandinavian, machine made log houses are cheaper.

90 mm log

90 mm log

45x145mm timber frame

150 mm thermal insulation

vapour barrier

50 mm windproof thermal insulation

interior finish

U = 0,20 W / m²K
90 mm log

With insulation from inside
to insulate a log house in this way, a timber frame is attached to a log wall, to which an internal panel with a finish is attached, and the gap between the panel and the log is filled with insulation material. A log house insulated in this way meets all the thermal resistance requirements. Perfect solution for those who want to preserve the texture of the logs on the outside.

exterior finish

20x45 mm air gap

windproof barrier

150 mm thermal insulation

45x145 mm timber frame

metal sliders

90 mm log