Wooden exterior products

Natural wood grain patterns are unique, exclusive and beautiful, therefore widelly used for exterior products. We offer softwood panelling and decking in standard sizes, but as a direct manufacturer, we can produce the materials to your desired dimensions.

Natural material
Competitive price
Sustainable living

Thermally modified wood

One of the most used exterior products for design elements is thermally modified wood. Wood treated with hot steam and temperature (180-215°C) is called thermowood. This process not only enhances the wood’s durability and resistance to decay but also deepens its rich color, making it an attractive choice for both aesthetics and longevity. Thermally modified wood is an incredibly sustainable product that is not harmful to people and the environment, as the processing cycles are strictly regulated and tailored to the type and dimensions of the wood in question. Additionally, this eco-friendly treatment extends the lifespan of the wood, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus contributing to resource conservation.

Wood for decking and siding

Wood is very popular exterior product in exterior siding design for both residential and commercial projects. The warm look of wood contrasts nicely with other materials or is a brilliant stand alone.  Wood grain natural patterns are unique, distinctive, and handsome – perfect for exterior products.  We offer standard siding and decking dimensions in softwoods ; however, by being a direct producer we can produce materials tailored by your required sizes.  

Solar control and shading elements in architecture

Another of our wooden exterior products – solar control and shading elements. Solar radiation provides natural light and heat, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and heating, although excessive solar radiation could result in overheating, which would need to be countered with cooling air conditioning. Nicely selected Sunshades , louvers, awnings and window shutters can also be a part of house design and your uniqueness.

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