Timber frame/segment

timber framed house is one of the most flexible structural solutions for planning the layout of rooms and designing interior and exterior finishes.

rapid construction
competitive price
sustainable living

why choose timber framed house?

  • first and foremost, the short construction time, as well as the overall financial and time costs.
  • timber framed houses are one of the most flexible structural solutions for planning the layout of rooms and designing interior and exterior finishes. Although they are built with materials that are kind to your health and the environment, timber framed houses do not have the same qualities as log houses.

the fastest solution for home seekers

for those who want to enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly life here and now – timber frame houses. A timber frame house takes a couple of months to build and assemble, and the whole construction process takes no more than one season.

a long-lasting solution

well-built segment/timber framed house can last more than 100 years. Because we use only the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology, you can be sure that a reasonably priced passive house will last you a lifetime.

cost-effective and environmentally friendly housing

timber-framed houses we design are built using only natural materials that are friendly to the environment and the occupants. If you are looking for a choice that is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective, we recommend the passive house option: this type of frame house has minimal energy leakage.

our timber frame house lines

U = 0,19 W / m²K

sustainability at relatively low cost. Modern Line is an eco-friendly and stylish timber-framed wall system that offers a contemporary twist on traditional construction methods. Its high-quality timber frames, precision joinery, and customizable finishes make it a durable and visually appealing option. Additionally, its energy-efficient design and natural insulation properties make it an ideal choice for sustainability at relatively low cost

outside finish

20x45 mm air gap

windproof barrier

45x145 mm timber frame

vapour barrier

45x45 mm timber frame

50 mm thermal insulation

150 mm thermal insulation

interior finish

245x45 mm timber frame

20x45 mm air gap

50 mm windproof insulation

exterior finish

250 mm thermal insulation

95 mm thermal insulation

vapour barrier

interior finish

45x95 mm timber frame

U = 0,10 W / m²K

outstanding performance
Passive Line is a high thermal conductivity timber-framed wall system designed for energy-efficient homes. Its advanced construction techniques and insulation materials reduce energy consumption and costs. The system's customizable design options offer a visually striking exterior while maintaining a consistent internal temperature for sust