Wooden doors
exclusively for your home!

Brighten up your home with our exclusive wooden doors, where craftsmanship combines with style to create a lasting impression.

Preventive maintenance, warranty
Over 200 projects completed
Competetive price
Possibility to create unique design

23 years of experience in Lithuanian and Scandinavian market

Fast production deadlines

Wooden doors where elegance meets durability

Our top-quality wooden doors are tailor-made for your home. Environmentally friendly, durable, secure and high quality – whichever you choose, they will all meet your individual needs and measurements. We can manufacture both internal and external doors to your design, materials and workmanship. Because your door will be made exclusively for you, we can adapt the shape and dimensions of the door to your home design. Years of experience, professional solutions, reasonable prices.

Painting of wooden doors

We can paint in any RAL or NCS palette colour of your choice!

Best materials

We use only the best quality wood for our wooden doors!

A wide range of wooden doors choices

For windows and doors, we can offer a very wide range of trims . And if you are very demanding, we can design a type to suit your needs!

Our manufacturing process for wooden doors

  • we choose high-quality glulam

  • precision manufacture of wooden door components

  • glazing and weather protection

  • coating

  • installation of quality door hardware

  • rigorous checks on workmanship and functionality

  • safe delivery of our doors

Why choose our wooden doors?

Long-term quality and sustainability

Our doors are characterised by durability, craftsmanship, timeless beauty and unrivalled quality. Our doors add warmth and elegance to your home, provide security and a lasting first impression. With a wide range of customisable options, we offer the perfect combination of style and strength for your unique space.

Let us help you choose!

Most of our wooden doors are designed exclusively for your home. Starting with specific dimensions and ending with the smallest details. Our vision is to give every customer the opportunity to build their dream home, which combines modern style with a healthy and harmonious living environment.

We will provide you with an individual proposal for the design of the door!