Exterior door Modern Line

24 months warranty
Modern style
With installed lock system
We can coat in any colour


Modern Line outside doors are a stunning combination of elegant design and great function, perfectly designed to enhance your home's exterior. These doors exude modern elegance thanks to their clean lines, minimalist aesthetics and innovative features.

Modern Line collection offers a wide range of styles - so you can find something that's perfect for your home's architectural style.

Enhance the appeal of your home with patio doors from the Modern range that combine functionality, style and durability.

We can manufacture the door model to the standard supplied or we can adjust it to suit your requirements.


We glaze our doors in both clear and frosted warm glass units.


Our standard door frame is 105 mm, and we can also distribute it according to your desired wall thickness.


The door threshold is available in hardwood or aluminium.

Door construction

Glued timber, double glazing and insulated panel. Hinges are 3D, reactive. Lock with locking pins.


Doors are painted, stained and varnished.

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