Exceptional log house, built next to the sea in Karkle, LITHUANIA. Breaking all the standards of log house style, a modern look was created thanks to the client’s courage and imagination.

Stepping inside, you are greeted by a kitchen that embodies both form and function. Wide, spacious and decorated with modern design elements, it invites culinary enthusiasts to unleash their creativity in its enticing environment.

The high-ceilinged living room radiates warmth and cosiness, inviting you to relax and socialise against the backdrop of a crackling fireplace. Every corner is bathed in natural light as the wide windows offer views of the surrounding landscape.

Moving further afield, you’ll discover thoughtful amenities that elevate everyday life to an art form. The toilet, the utility room and the sauna offer comfort and relaxation – a sanctuary for both body and soul.

Take the stairs up to the second floor and you will find an oasis of peace and comfort. Four bedrooms await you, each offering a private retreat from the outside world. Two bathrooms provide comfort for all, while an office offers space for productivity and reflection.

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