Modular houses

Today’s fast-paced, intensive life demands the most efficient and fastest possible construction solutions: modular volumetric constructions, prepared in the factory, make it possible to achieve this. the individual areas of the house are manufactured with the interior finishes and the engineering equipment, and then transported to and installed on the prepared foundations.

Rapid construction
Affordable cost
Volumetric design

Why choose a modular house?

We optimize the production process for modular homes:

  • cheaper

  • faster

  • less errors

  • minimum on-site installation requirement

Our ideas are designed to fit everything you could possibly need in a modular house, making the most of the space.


With modular homes, production time is reduced to the minimum possible under our conditions because we know and prepare for every procedure, and it can take as little as a month from order to delivery!

Lightweight and mobile

We manufacture modular homes in our factory. They are fully constructed, inspected and shipped to your address.

Ready for transport

Our modular homes are designed efficiently to fit into a trailer not only in height but also in length. And once delivered, there’s no problem to lift it out and install it on your plot! We can also offer an installation service.

Enjoy life "everywhere"!

Our modular homes are particularly suitable for projects with a small living space. The most popular use can be as an outdoor office, camping building, guest house, sauna.

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